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Imagine being part of a community of business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals who are committed to your success, while supporting one another and co-creating the kind of world we want to live in.

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The Go-Giver Community Network


Like trees in a forest, we may appear separate from one another…but if we could look below the surface, we’d see an intricate network of roots that connect us all. The Go-Giver Community is rooted in genuine relationships, which Bob & Kathy will help you develop within the Community and beyond.

  • *NEW!* 7-Day Challenge — Succeeding The Go-Giver Way
    The Five Laws of Stratospheric Success serve as our guideposts in The Go-Giver Community.

    In this 7-Day Challenge, Bob and Kathy will help you to understand and apply each Law with specific examples you can use to build extraordinary relationships and accelerate your success in business, leadership, and in your personal life.

  • 2x Monthly LIVE Virtual Networking Events
    A great opportunity to begin building a thriving network! These are powerful opportunities to have meaningful conversations with your fellow Go-Giver members.

  • Inspired, Respectful Conversation within the Go-Giver Community Network
    Allow your fellow Go-Givers from the most interesting places around the world to broaden and enrich your perspective. Chatting in our private, global networking platform is a welcome relief from the noisy social media groups you may be used to!


With a network of “roots” or values uniting us, Bob will help you communicate authentically and achieve your desired outcomes in such a way that the person you’re communicating with feels genuinely good about themselves, about the situation, and about you!

  • *NEW!* Monthly LIVE Group Coaching Sessions with Bob Burg

    Each month, you’ll spend a powerful hour with Bob discussing business-building strategies, selling authentically, creating genuine influence, and reframing challenges as opportunities for you to succeed.

    You won’t find this anywhere but here…because it will all be directed by YOU and your specific questions about living The Go-Giver Way!

  • Weekly Insight Videos
    Drawing on his 30+ years of experience, Bob will teach you how to build genuine relationships that accelerate your business and let you enjoy less stress, more fun, and more profits!

  • Daily Guidance to Uplift, Motivate, and Inspire You
    It’s easy to get discouraged when we’re inundated with negative messages every day. Let Bob’s words of wisdom become a daily reminder of what’s really important to you, and why you’re working so hard to achieve it.


A global community of Go-Givers is fertile soil. By giving immense value to fellow members and receiving in kind, you’ll sow the seeds of your next project, product concept, business venture…really anything you want to grow abundantly.

  • Your Member Profile in The Go-Giver Community Directory
    Help us get to know you through your member profile, which is specifically designed to highlight your expertise and attract your ideal collaborators, referral partners, and potential customers & clients.

  • Members-Only Marketplace
    Just put the finishing touches on a new product, service, or resource? Promote it in the Member Give & Receive area to an audience that’s committed to seeing you succeed and finding ways to refer business to you.

  • 24/7 Access to The Go-Giver Community Network via Mobile & Desktop App
    You’ll have an entire community of high-integrity professionals at your fingertips anytime you need a recommendation, support, advice, or encouragement.

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